American Chemical Systems

ACS Floral Degreaser

Product #: 600612
Description: A heavy duty, all purpose industrial strength cleaner for removing carbonized grease and oil, ink, gum, and soap scum. May be used on cement, quarry tile, terrazzo, plastic and metal surfaces. Floral Degreaser is solventized for fast action, non-flammable, non-toxic, and can be sprayed, mopped or wiped on. It is free rinsing, leaves stainless steel sparkling, degreases kitchen surfaces as well as eradicates heel, crayon, and lipstick marks. It can also dissolve wax build-up on resilient and mineral floors and can act as a laundry aid. Floral Scented.
Pack Size: 4/1 gal


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Floral Degreaser JB